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An Amazing Name Called My Phuoc

Thursday - 08/12/2016 14:42
Established in the middle of 2002, until now Industrial Parks (IP) My Phuoc 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 invested by Investment and Industrial Development Corporation with total planning area of nearly 6,600 ha has proved the success of industry-urban-service development model.
An Amazing Name Called My Phuoc
Only in a short time, with this model, My Phuoc has grown up and quickly become the leader of the province in term of project quantity as well as investment capital…
Article 1: Valuable address on the investment map
Impression on investment attraction
Dating back to 2002, after getting prosperous business results from investment in Viet Nam - Singapore Industrial Park, once again, determined to participate in My Phuoc Industrial Park construction project.
Although this leading industrial park of the province had great scope and was established in June 2002, it was still constructed quickly.
Over 7 years of operation, up to now, My Phuoc Industrial Parks has attracted more than 390 foreign investment projects from 24 nations and territories such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Italy, America, Poland… with total investment capital of approximately US$ 3 billion.
This was a record speed in term of project attraction to the industrial park in a short time, making My Phuoc become a valuable address on the investment map of Vietnam.
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Along with the breakthrough in the project quantity, My Phuoc Industrial Parks are also the place to attract many projects from large enterprises, multi-national corporations to invest into such fields as electrical industry, electronics, mechanical manufacture, food processing, wood industry and interior decoration, clothing, supplementary industries…
Of which, many projects had investment capital of up to tens, even hundreds of US$ million such as the construction project of auto tyre manufacturing plant of Kumho Asiana Corporation (South Korea) with investment capital of US$ 200 million, EcoLakes My Phuoc urban area (Malaysia) with investment capital of US$ 620 million, the plant for manufacturing and processing beverages of any kind of Kirin Acecook (Japan) with investment capital of US$ 60 million, the project manufacturing agricultural machines and tools and spare parts of Kubota Corporation (Japan) with stage 1 investment capital of approximately 11.4 US$ million...
The most notable event in 2009 was that in spite of difficulties caused by the global economic depression, at My Phuoc Industrial Parks, the commencement and inauguration atmosphere were still noisy.
Of which, projects on manufacturing products with high technology content and those with high competitiveness such as the plant manufacturing electric motors and gear box of Bonfiglioli Viet Nam Company Limited at My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park with total investment capital of US$ 16 million; the plant specializing in manufacturing in aluminum bottled beverages such as coffee and tea, types of monster energy drink without gas and fruit juice with total investment capital of US$ 18 million at My Phuoc 2 Industrial Park of Kian Joo Canpack (Viet Nam) Company Limited; the plant manufacturing and assembling types of milk, drinking water, food, medicine production line with total investment capital of US$ 20 million of Iwai Plant Tech Viet Nam) Company Limited…
Strong points from the investment environment and human resources
To obtain the above-mentioned results, in the view of investors, the notable characteristics of My Phuoc Industrial Parks include good industrial infrastructure, industrial parks in modern and comprehensive planning. This is favorable for enterprises to promote its investment effectiveness. Another important concern of the investors is the preparation of human resources to support enterprises that industrial park investors paid attention to, especially the combination and cooperation between investors and training schools to prepare qualified human resources for sectors focusing on high technology, strong competitiveness as required by large enterprises.
Along with above emphasis, My Phuoc Industrial Park is also well-known for flexible policies for laborers. Thus, this place has attracted thousands of laborers from all national regions. Being aware of important role of labor force, the IDC corporation has paid attention to building public works such as collective houses, entertainment and relaxing areas, hospitals, schools… combined with issuing policies on treatment and caring for material and spiritual life for resettled citizens and laborers. This has helped laborers settle down actually when they came to work at My Phuoc Industrial Park. Laborer is also important human resource to determine the success of My Phuoc Industrial Parks and attract investors to participate in production - business.
It can be said that the success of My Phuoc Industrial Parks has importantly contributed to promoting the industrial development of the province. This is also the precious lesson in the planning of industrial infrastructure to foster the task in social-economic development assigned to one state enterprise like IDC. In fierce competitiveness market mechanism, this corporation has actively found its true way to promote investment effectiveness.

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