Considerations when choosing land to build a factory

Friday - 08/08/2008 08:18

Considerations when choosing land to build a factory

When choosing the land to build the factory, the investor should not only pay attention to the geographical location, investment incentives of the province, but also pay attention to the geological factors, shape, feng shui of the land…

Favorable geographical location

Investors should choose land that is located near the regional economic center, convenient for transportation. Convenient transportation not only saves the cost of transporting materials during construction, but also convenient for coordinating materials, recruiting workers, distributing goods… in the future factory operations.

Industrial parks are one of the places with relatively good traffic and infrastructure, convenient for investors when building production factories. When building a factory in an industrial park, investors also need to refer to the surrounding factories, consider the factors that the neighboring factories may affect our production activities. From there, will have a plan to choose the most reasonable land or the best solution to handle during construction, ensuring the operation of the factory in the long run.

Geological factors when building factories

Geology is one of the issues that directly affect the factory construction. Choosing a solid foundation helps to reduce foundation construction costs and foundation reinforcement costs. The weaker the ground, the deeper the piles of the factory foundation, the more costly it is for the investor. The leveling work will generate large costs for the investor, so the investor should consider carefully before choosing to build a factory on the land with ponds and lakes.

The experienced industrial construction contractors will be the unit with the most objective and relatively accurate assessment of the geological conditions of each region, the traffic and infrastructure conditions, etc. Investors should consider to choose the most suitable land for factory construction.

Feng shui factors & the shape of the land

Ensuring feng shui in factory construction not only brings luck, convenience and fortune in production and business activities, but also brings peace of mind to business owners. Ideally, investors should choose an area where the back of the factory can lean against the mountain, that is, the land position is gradually higher in the back, lower in the front. In addition, investors should choose rectangular or square plots of land, because from the practical perspective of construction, the distorted, redundant corners will be difficult to use for reasonable purposes, causing costly compared to square plots of land.

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